Did You Just Experience Your First Car Accident After Years Of Driving? 4 Times When You Need To Hire A Lawyer

Many people have their first car accident as teenagers when they are still gaining experience with driving. However, you have been fortunate to make it into adulthood without an accident. While this achievement is a good sign that you are a safe driver, it can also leave you feeling confused as to how you need to proceed after a car accident. 

In most cases, minor fender benders with a clear cause can be settled between the two parties involved. Yet, your car accident may be more serious than that. As you proceed with your case, read more info that you need a car accident lawyer to help make sure that everything is handled correctly. 

There Were Multiple Parties Involved

Multi-vehicle accidents get complicated, and this can also sometimes include other parties that were not driving such as pedestrians and cyclists. For instance, you may have a car lose control in front of you without warning that causes you to swerve and hit someone else. In these types of cases, it is sometimes difficult to determine who was at fault. You may also need to file multiple claims or prepare to defend yourself against other people's claims that you were responsible.

The Other Person is Now Claiming Major Injuries or Property Damage

Sometimes, an accident that seemed minor at first turns into a nightmare a few days down the road. This is because the other party has now had time to visit a doctor or look over their vehicle more carefully. Once someone is claiming major injuries or property damage, you need a car accident attorney to work on your side to make sure that their claims are valid. For instance, your lawyer can request proof of the claims such as medical records or an itemized bill from an auto mechanic.

An Uninsured Motorist Was Driving the Other Vehicle

Every state has different laws regarding uninsured motorists. However, it is generally expected that a person must carry liability insurance to cover the other person's damages if they are at fault in an accident. Being hit by an uninsured motorist can sometimes mean that you need to file a case to recover compensation for your injuries or property damage.

You Need Help Determining Who Was at Fault

After an accident, it is common to have both parties claim that they are not the one who caused the accident. In some cases, inclement weather, poor road conditions or a faulty vehicle mechanism can be partially to blame for the accident. A competent lawyer can help you gather evidence that could prove that you were not the person at fault in the accident.