Accident Injuries That Never Fully Heal

Vehicles today are well constructed and do a great job of protecting occupants in a crash situation. However, you can be injured badly in an accident and require long-term care afterward. Some victims find that their injuries leave them with permanent issues. Being severely injured can mean suffering from the accident for years and years and victims deserve compensation that is appropriate for their level of need. Read on and find out more.

How Future Medical Needs Are Determined

Not all accidents require treatment that lasts for years. Most accident victims slowly recover over time and can be back to almost normal in a few months' time. A victim may need several months of recuperation before they become stable. Being stable also means being at what is known as being at maximum medical improvement (MMI). This term is explained below.

MMI: What It Means

MMI is both a medical and legal term. It comes about as the result of a special medical examination performed by a medical specialist. It's vital that a complete evaluation be performed to determine where a victim's health status stands. MMI means that the victim has reached a point where their condition is not expected to undergo a big change. They may get a bit better or worse, but things are relatively stable. MMI does not mean the victim is not entitled to additional medical treatment or that they don't require future compensation. 

If you don't agree with the MMI assessment, speak to your personal injury lawyer. In most cases, you are entitled to a second opinion MMI. You might disagree with the MMI if you think your medical state is not stable or expect to need more treatment immediately. For instance, if you are scheduled for major surgery in the next month, the ruling of MMI is premature.

Future Needs

Not only are future needs established by the MMI process, but your lawyer will work to ensure that you are paid for your future medical treatment. This usually involves the input of professionals in the medical and economic fields. Medical costs are rising, and victims should be paid enough to cover their needs even if it's a year or more from the present.

You don't necessarily have to have a permanent injury to need additional medical help in the future. Speak to a personal injury lawyer for more information and to find out what can be done to ensure that you are covered, no matter what your future holds.