Statements You Should Avoid Sharing With Insurance Representatives After A Vehicle Crash

You must take specific steps after a collision. One of them is contacting your insurer and notifying them about the automobile crash. The representative you call will ask you several questions before dispatching a team of investigators to the incident area. After calling your insurer, report the collision to the wrongdoer's insurance provider. During the call, ensure you watch what you say to the representatives. This is because they can use your testimony to deny your rightful settlement. The following are statements you should avoid sharing.

You Are Aware of Who Is at Fault

The insurance carrier will want to know who to blame for the crash. This information is essential in your claim because it will determine whether they will allocate you a payment and how much money you will get. During interrogations, the insurance representatives will ask you to explain the occurrences at the time or the liable party. What you say can make you fail to get a payment or get a slashed settlement. 

For example, telling them your view on who caused the crash can be a serious mistake. This is because the insurer might use such a statement to claim their client was not responsible for your losses. As such, they will argue that they are not supposed to cover your losses. 

In such a case, an attorney dealing with vehicle crash claims will tell you not to share crash details. Instead, they will want to investigate the collision to determine what happened and which party is to blame. This will prove that the other driver was responsible for the crash and that their insurer should compensate you for all your losses.  

You Could Have Made an Error, Thereby Causing the Crash

Admitting that you made an error contributing to the crash is a statement you should avoid sharing. The insurer can twist your words to prove that you were the main culprit. Hence, they will argue that they're not supposed to offer any payments. Your legal advisor will ask you to remain silent until they get investigators to look into the crash and determine the main culprit. This will ensure you don't pay for a crime you never committed. In addition, they will determine your fault percentage to ensure that you only lose a sum equal to your mistake.

The facts above might make the insurance carrier lower your payment or refuse to pay. You can avoid them by working with a car accident injury attorney. They will advise you on what to say to ensure you don't mess up your claim or lose your rightful payment. 

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