How Can A Social Security Lawyer Help? Find Out Below

People turn to Social Security lawyers when the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies their benefits. However, some may not fully understand what a Social Security lawyer can do for them. Below, find out why so many claimants get approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits when they use a lawyer.

A Lawyer Helps with Your Application

Social Security applications are long and can be difficult to complete. Unfortunately, the SSA may deny those who need and deserve benefits because of their application. A Social Security lawyer can ensure the application contains what the SSA needs to know about the applicant's medical situation. They know how the SSA works and that means they know how to fill out the application the right way and avoid denials. Don't waste your time filling out an application that is incomplete or inaccurate. Speak to a Social Security lawyer instead.

A Lawyer Helps Prepare You for Your Appeal Hearing

Many SSDI claimants learn that the SSA won't approve of the benefits they need. When that letter arrives, don't give up. All Social Security claimants are entitled to an appeal before a hearing officer. At this hearing, the judge will listen to the reasons why the original application was denied in error. Your lawyer can help you prepare for this by reviewing the reasons for the denial and gathering evidence to fight the reasons.

The lawyer may, for instance, have you examined by a doctor to obtain the most recent status of your medical impairments. Many applicants may not realize it, but the SSA needs to see a listing of every medical and mental health condition. The more you list, the more you probably need benefits. When your Social Security lawyer arranges for an exam, it's for proof of your condition, your condition has worsened, and that you are suffering from additional impairments now. 

A Lawyer Helps You During Your Hearing

You can appear at the hearing alone, but it's not advisable. You will be facing a judge who has only a summary of your case. However, having a lawyer present means being able to challenge the judge and the vocational expert when they are wrong – and they are sometimes wrong.  Your lawyer can show, for example, that your medical condition makes it impossible to work at other jobs in the area. They will show that you cannot perform the tasks required of the job, that the job does not exist in your area, or that you have a condition that you did not prove previously.

To learn more about the benefits of being supported by a Social Security lawyer, speak to a disability claims attorney today.