Situations When It's Necessary To Have Legal Representation When Filing A Collision Lawsuit

While no law compels you to enlist the services of a legal representative when seeking justice after being involved in a car crash, having one is recommendable, whether you're making an insurance claim or even filing a lawsuit. An attorney offers invaluable services that assure you of a favorable outcome, seeing that they investigate the crash and handle the legal process. Therefore, you should consider getting legal representation, especially when dealing with the following situations.

When Dealing With the Insurer

If you have sustained severe damages in a crash, you might consider seeking compensation from your insurer or the wrongdoer's insurance provider. Depending on your state, you might get a lesser compensation if you were partly at fault. In this case, your payment will be reduced by your degree of fault. That said, you might face challenges when claiming compensation through the other driver's insurance company. For example, they could be carrying a policy that might not cover all your losses. Worst still, they may not have insurance coverage. In this case, you can seek payments through your policy. It might be advisable to hire an accident insurance attorney immediately after your accident to access your losses and explore your insurance options to make informed decisions.

When Filing a Lawsuit 

You may need to file a lawsuit if you can't get compensation through the other party's insurer and your policy does not cover all your losses. In this case, you require legal help to understand your state's statute of limitations to ensure that you file your case within the stipulated period. Your lawyer will also evaluate your case to determine whether it meets the required threshold. They want to ensure that the injuries that you sustained have caused real economic and non-economic damages. Your lawyer will also ensure that they have sufficient evidence to prove your case before filing a lawsuit.

When Undertaking Extensive Investigations

Some cases are challenging to prove, making it necessary to get legal help to assist with investigations. For example, if a drunk driver caused your accident, you may enlist the services of a car accident insurance lawyer. They will investigate the crash and collect evidence to prove that the wrongdoer was negligent. A comprehensive investigation might also be necessary if the at-fault driver engaged in drunk driving.  

You have a right to handle your car crash claim yourself, but you should enlist the services of a lawyer—such as Neff Insurance Law, PLLC—at any point in your case. Consider hiring one when dealing with the issues above and other complex problems.