When You Need Help With Your Social Security Benefits

Being approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is challenging. To make matters worse, once approved you still must be careful to keep those benefits. Fortunately, the Social Security Administration (SSA) allows SSDI recipients to get some help with both the application process, the appeal process, and maintaining the benefits. To find out more about these forms of help, read on.

Help With Your Application

You don't need to struggle alone with the lengthy and complex SSDI application for benefits. Social Security lawyers are there to work with you and get your paperwork done right the first time. Social Security lawyers know what the SSA is looking for in the application and that will save you time by avoiding denials and requests for more information. You don't need to pay for this form of help now. Instead, you only pay when your SSDI application for benefits is approved, and you are paid your back pay. You only need to pay for the lawyer's services if you win your case using a small percentage of your back pay.

Help With Your Appeal

Don't give up, many SSDI applicants are turned down when they first apply for benefits. It's vital, though, that if you don't already have a Social Security lawyer to help you that you get one for the appeal hearing. You will need help overcoming the reasons for the denial and these lawyers understand how that works. Again, you only need to pay a legal fee to your lawyer if you win your case.

Help Maintaining Your Benefits

You may also need help after you are approved for SSDI benefits. Representative payees are trusted relatives or friends that help you by:

  • Setting up a bank account (you must have a bank account to be paid benefits).
  • Assist you in paying your bills each time they are due.
  • Guide you in making good decisions about what to pay (food, housing, etc.) and how much you can spend on fun things (a book, the movies, etc.).

No matter how much help you need to get and keep your benefits coming in, it's worth it to take advantage of every form of assistance you can. Speak to a Social Security lawyer at a law office about help with your application, your appeal, and about having a representative payee assist you once your benefits have begun. Going the extra mile will pay off in the form of the SSDI benefits you need.