Operating A Vehicle Under The Influence Of A Prescribed Medication

When it comes to operating a vehicle under the influence, alcohol use is not the only way to find yourself facing this charge. Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs, even some legally prescribed drugs, such as pain killers, can cause a driver to face a similar outcome.

Dangers of Operation

A driver can be charged with a crime when driving while taking certain medications because of the risks these medications present. Delayed reaction times, difficulty concentrating, and impaired judgment are just some of the concerns that these medications can present while you are on the road. In terms of safety, any of these scenarios taking place while driving can put you and other drivers at risk.

Knowledge of Risks

One reason for charges related to vehicle operation while taking certain prescription medications is that the person taking the medication is aware of these risks. When a physician first prescribes the medication, they go over the potential risks the drug can create. The pharmacist who prepares the prescription generally delivers the same information to the patient, and lastly, these risks are outlined on the pill bottle. From the eyes of the law, the person taking the medication is fully aware, and therefore, liable for their actions.

Possible Outcomes

If you are convicted of operating a vehicle while under the influence charge, several things can happen. If you do not cause any property damage, physical harm, and you do not have a criminal record, you may be able to walk away with probation. If there is property damage, you may also be hit with several fines to cover the cost of damage. However, in cases where there are injuries present or there is extreme negligence, a jail sentence is a possible outcome.

Defending Yourself

It is important to keep in mind that even given the factors surrounding this charge, there are still possible defenses to help lower the potential for harsh consequences. For example, there may have been an emergency that forced you to get behind the wheel. Whatever the case, an attorney will review all the aspects of the charge and your situation to determine what possible defenses you can apply.

If you have been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence, you need to speak with an OVI defense attorney as soon as possible. An attorney will ensure you are protected and that your case is handled in the best possible way.