What To Do When A Car Accident Is Your Fault

If you've caused an accident, then the first thing you should know is that you need to stay put. It's against the law to do what's known as hitting and running. At the very least, you could face financial penalties that could run up to tens of thousands of dollars, even if it's your first time. Worst case scenario, if the accident you caused results in serious bodily injury or death for the accident victim, then you're looking at automatic years in prison. 

But here's what you should do if you're involved in a car accident that you've caused. 

Contact the authorities

After you take a deep breath to calm down, you'll need to call the authorities. The very next call you'll need to make is to your attorney. It's best to retain the services of a car accident lawyer. They'll know how to speak to the police on your behalf since you'll probably be too nervous to answer their questions correctly. And if the line of questioning becomes too antagonizing, then your car accident lawyer will help to de-escalate the situation while reminding the authorities of your legal rights. 

Collect all important insurance information

You'll want to collect the accident victim's information for your own legal records, but it's also important to collect their information so that you can report the information to your insurance carrier. 

If you're afraid to approach the accident victim, then your car accident attorney can collect the information on your behalf. Having your attorney present will be key if the accident victim is unconscious from the impact of the accident. 

Don't break the law out of fear

It can't be stressed enough how important is it for you to stay put after causing an accident. You may be tempted to leave, but leaving will could cause irreversible damage to your personal and criminal record. 

If the accident victim is still conscious, then don't try to bribe them to make them go away. You'll need to file a claim against your insurance policy and provide compensation to the victim through legal means. 

Finally, don't allow your nerves to cause you to start running your mouth! Stay silent and allow your attorney to do the talking. If you don't have a car accident attorney on retainer, then now is the time to find one before you get involved in an accident. To find a car accident lawyer, reach out to local law firms.