Can You Win If You Sue Your Employer? Yes, If You Are Sure They Acted Illegally

You might have been fired from your job recently and you feel it was unfair treatment on their part. You might want to sue them for wrongful dismissal or maybe discrimination against you. These could make for very solid legal cases, but you need to make sure that the company actually did something illegal before you can sue if you want to win.

Can you sue your employer? Yes, but you need to make sure they actually broke a labor law first. When you hire labor litigation services, they can help guide you through whether or not your company can be sued. Here are some things to consider before launching a lawsuit.

Were You Treated Illegally?

The first thing a labor litigation service will do when you talk with them is to determine whether or not your company did anything illegal by firing you. You might not have been treated well, and you feel like you were discriminated against, but were you? There are specific things that need to be in place to be considered illegal by the courts.

For example, did you get fired because of your age? They thought you were too old or too young for the job? That is illegal and you can win a suit against the company if you can prove that is the reason why. Were you fired because of your gender or not promoted because of it? This is also an illegal practice. The same is true if you were discriminated against because of your race.

If they felt you weren't a good fit for the company but did give you a chance to prove yourself, you may not have a case to sue then.

Do You Have Witnesses And Proof?

In many cases, if you were fired illegally for whatever reason, the company may have a history of this practice going back a few years. You can potentially prove your own case by finding other examples of discrimination amongst your co-workers and even other bosses potentially. You could ask around to see if anyone has experienced what you have, and see if they would be willing to share their stories in court.

For former employees, your labor litigation service can find other instances of illegal treatment and firings of their employees and use that information for your case. Many workers may file reports with the Better Business Bureau, or other professional organizations letting them know the treatment they received while working at the company. This could work in your favor. It proves a history of this type of behavior and you could potentially gain witnesses to prove what you are saying is true.