3 Workers' Comp Myths Debunked

When injured on the job, workers' comp is designed to help you deal with the financial hardships that come from being hurt and missing work. While this type of insurance offers many benefits, there are some myths out there that need to be debunked. Here is the truth behind 3 of them.

Myth 1: You Can't Collect Workers' Comp When You Returned To Work Immediately

You may have been injured at work, but you still continued to go to work. Does this mean you are unable to collect workers' comp because the injury wasn't that bad? Be aware that any injury can qualify you for workers' comp if it required a visit to a doctor or emergency room.

If the accident was work related, then there are out-of-pocket costs that you had to pay to get that injury treated. This could be from an expensive co-pay, a bill due to a high deductible insurance plan, medications, or durable medical goods such as crutches.

Filing with your employer a medical-only workers comp claim can get you back the money you had to pay and be a record that you were injured at work in case the injury gets worse.

Myth 2: Desk Jobs Can't Receive Workers' Comp Benefits

Your job may not have any danger associated with it because you work behind a desk, but does that disqualify you from making a workers' comp claim? Accidents can happen anywhere, and you are entitled to benefits no matter how the injury happened at work. It could be something as simple as a slip and fall, or a repetitive motion injury such as carpal tunnel. If your job was directly responsible for an injury, it could quality for workers' comp benefits.

Myth 3: You Must File A Workers' Comp Claim Immediately To Receive Benefits

When an injury occurs, it's natural to be more focused on your recovery than filing all of the necessary paperwork. If you didn't file a workers' comp claim immediately after the accident, you are not completely out of luck. You could still receive benefits. The biggest problem you'll run into is the injury being challenged as not happening at work since it was so long ago.

Seeking medical attention by a professional and having it documented will be the best way to prove that the accident happened in the past. In addition, co-workers could volunteer to be eyewitnesses if they saw the accident happen.

If you need help filing a workers' comp claim, you can always work with a lawyer that specializes in these types of legal matters. You can click here to read more on this topic.