Honey Boo-Boo'd: What We Can Learn From Mama June's Marriage Mistakes

The reality show that pits little girls' pageants against reality stars constantly has some scandal attached to it. The Honey Boo-Boo Show featured a single mom with several daughters, the youngest of which was nicknamed "Honey Boo-Boo." The most recent scandal to rock the family was the revelation of Mama June's relationship with a known pedophile and child molester. Here is what you can take away from this horrific example of marriage, relationships, and child molesters in your midst.

Put Your Kids First, Listen to Them, and Protect Them

It is really hard to be in a relationship as a single parent. You might have needs you want met; however, you have to protect your children. If you recently married someone and thought you knew that person, only to have your children accuse him/her of pedophile behavior, do the opposite of Mama June.

  • Listen to your kids.
  • Put them first.
  • Take them and their accusations seriously.
  • Protect them.

If they confess later, as adults, that they lied, they will know that you left your marriage for their sakes, and that your selfless act as a parent was done for them.

Seek out Both a Criminal Lawyer and a Family Lawyer

You can be implicated in the crimes your former partner committed, since you did not protect your children. Ergo, when you seek out a family lawyer, be sure to seek out a criminal lawyer as well. If you hope to keep your children out of foster care, you have to fight the idea that you allowed the molestation and/or rape to occur. That means you will be fighting legal battles on two fronts; in family court to get the divorce and secure full legal custody and placement of your children, and in criminal court to prove you were not complacent in or had any knowledge of the harm in which you placed your children.

Mama June did neither. She married her child's molester and stayed with him for years. Do NOT do that to your kids.

Sue the Daylights out of Your Former Partner--You Will Need It

It takes years and years of therapy to get past being molested and/or raped as a child. That is a very costly process, but if you sue your former partner for the maximum amount of child support allowed by law, then sue for alimony and then sue for restitution for psychological damages, you may just be able to afford the care your children will need. Do not sit back on your heels and let bygones be bygones--your children need your help now, no matter how long ago the molestation or rape occurred.