4Th Of July Parade Spectator Injuries: 4 Factors That May Impact Your Settlement Case

Attending a Fourth of July parade is an annual tradition that celebrates the history of America and gathers communities together. Unfortunately, sometimes attending these events can lead to injuries that are beyond your control. If you've been injured while attending a parade, there are multiple factors that may impact your case. By breaking down various pieces of evidence with a personal injury lawyer, you can figure out who is liable for your injuries and know what parties to seek a settlement from.

Parade Barriers

Many parades use barriers to help block out spectators from the action on the street. If these barriers have malfunctioned or are not set up properly, they can cause injuries while you try to enjoy the parade. For example, you may lean into a barrier that falls down and results in severe injuries like broken bones. If this occurs, then a lawyer make seek damages from the parade organizers who set up these barriers.

Flying Objects

During a parade, it's not uncommon for people to throw out bead necklaces, candy, and other small objects to spectators. In some cases, thrown objects may result in an injury. The object itself may be larger and cause an injury to your eye or other body part. People lunging for the thrown object may also make contact with you and cause an injury. When this occurs, a lawyer may hold the person who threw the object liable for the injury. Along with the person, the sponsor of the parade float could be held liable in these situations for providing the objects to be thrown in the first place.


Parade crowds can easily grow, especially for larger parades or popular city parades. When crowd management becomes a problem, overcrowding can result in injuries like trampling or slip and fall accidents. If this is the case, then a lawyer can look into the parade organization and how it was organized with local law enforcement officials. The inability to properly manage large crowds could be the fault of the local city or town that was actually holding the parade.

Vehicle Incidents

Many parades feature decorated vehicles and designs that travel down the streets and are a part of the parade action. When those vehicles lose control, it can result in a personal injury to innocent bystanders. If you were injured by a parade vehicle, a lawyer may hold the driver of the vehicle liable along with parade organizers. The route of the parade and the location of the accident may all be factors in your settlement case.

Contact a personal injury lawyer soon after the parade to start building a case right away. It's a good way to quickly gather evidence and witness testimony.