Tips For Winning Custody As The Father

It is highly common for the majority of custody cases to be decided where the mother gets custody of the children, rather than the father. Many people feel that this is highly unfair. However, it is often a natural decision for the courts to make because children are considered to be more a priority of the mother rather than the father, regardless of whether or not this is true. In order to make sure that you are able to get custody of your kids, you need to be sure that you show that they are a priority in your life and that you already have room in your day-to-day activities for them, as opposed to having to put certain parts of your life on hold to take care of them.

1. Plan Meals for Your Children

This seems small and silly, but it is imperative that you can show that you can take care of your children. Even if the mother is unable to cook, you need to be able to do so because there is a chance that you might be held to a higher standard. Have at least a week's worth of child-friendly meals that you can cook. Have photos of yourself cooking to show the judge that you are able to fully provide for your children and provide a list of the meals that you are able to make.

2. Pay Your Bills and Financial Obligations on Time

You need to be sure that you pay any bills that you might have or any child support that you might owe the mother of your children on time. This will allow you to avoid having the mother make the argument that if you are irresponsible about your financial responsibilities, then you are more likely to be irresponsible about other responsibilities.

3. Don't Bring Dates Around

If you are going to jump back into the dating pool, wait until custody has been decided before your children meet the woman or man that you have started dating. This will allow you to show that you are putting your children before everything, even your love life.

4. Be in Full Control Around Your Children

You need to be sure that you are in full control of yourself around your children. This means that you cannot do any recreational drugs or drink while you are around them. This will show that you are making them a priority ahead of having fun.

For more information, talk to an attorney, like Johnson Law Office, PLLC, that specializes in helping dads with their custody battles.