4 Steps For Appealing A Workers' Compensation Claim

Being injured on the job can be devastating time to endure. The challenges of making a full recovery and paying numerous medical bills without being able to work can simply be overwhelming to any individual. The best way to assist you through this difficult time is by receiving workers' compensation. You will need to file a claim to do so, and it's not uncommon for some claims to be denied. By knowing the steps to take if you are unable to be compensated for our injuries may be helpful to you. 

Step #1: Call the insurer

It's possible that your claim may be denied for a simple reason that may be fixed by making a phone call. Be sure to check with your insurance company before taking any legal action to determine the exact cause of the denial.

Take the time to ask your insurer to reconsider and provide more details about your injury.

Step #2: File an appeal

You may be able to appeal the decision of your insurance company regarding your workers' compensation claim. However, be sure to check with the appropriate department in your state to know the requirements of doing so. These will vary per state, and it's up to you to fill out the correct forms to pursue your right to compensation.

Be sure to consider the deadlines that may be put in place for appealing your denied workers' compensation claim.

Step #3: Prove your appeal

You may need to provide additional information to your insurer when appealing a claim. This could include getting a medical specialists opinion about your injury. You will need to sign an authorization form to have your records released to the appropriate party regarding your injury.

Additionally, if you have any eye witnesses who may have seen your accident, you should list the names and contact number of these individuals.

Step #4:  Attend an appeal hearing

Once all of your information has been processed, there will be a hearing date set for you. This will require you to meet with certain officials and your employer, and a decision will be made regarding your workers' compensation appeal.

Being able to receive reimbursement for your losses that are due to an injury at work can assist you in coping during this time. Be sure to rely on the expertise of a workers' compensation attorney if you are denied coverage for your accident.