Did Your Spouse Die of Heart Problems Right after a Doctor Visit? Get Legal Help Fast

If you made an appointment with your family physician because your spouse was having signs of heart failure or a heart attack, and they sent your spouse home and your spouse died, you need to hire a lawyer. Even though you are grieving and stressed and may not feel like you can take on the physician in court, a lawyer can help you through the process and get you the money that you deserve.

There are a few things you want to take with you to meet with the lawyer, and you may even need to have the lawyer come meet with you.

The Medical Records Prior to Death

You need a report of your spouse's medical records. These records may show that they had shown the signs of being at the risk for a heart attack or heart failure and they weren't treated properly before the last appointment. Get copies of past blood work and stress tests, and other tests that were performed.

 The details from the last appointment where they were sent home may show that your spouse needed emergency medical care. They may have needed care that could have saved their live.

The Autopsy

Did the autopsy show that your spouse died because of a heart attack, or heart failure, or something that should have been caught while they were at the physician's office? This is going to be one of the most important pieces of evidence the lawyer will need to put the case together, because this will state that they died because of a condition missed at the appointment.

The Physician Information

The lawyer will need all information about the medical professionals that treated your spouse, along with information about the medical facility where they saw their doctor and had tests done. The lawyer can compile the case and reach out to the doctor or the medical establishment where they are practicing.

The lawyer will see if the legal team for your physician or the medical team want to settle the incident out of court, or if they want to take the case in front of a judge and jury. You shouldn't have to live your life without your spouse because you trusted your medical professional, and because they ended dying of a heart problem after you were just at the doctor. Find a wrongful death lawyer to start compiling your case as soon as possible.