4 Things To Know About Social Security Disability Benefits

Social security benefits are usually awarded to people when they reach retirement age; however, there is also social security disability for people who are no longer able to work. If you have not yet reached retirement age, but have a disability that is keeping you from performing your job, you might qualify for benefits through the Social Security Administration. You need to qualify and be approved before benefits are awarded. Here is more information about this type of benefit.

You Must Qualify

The first thing to understand about social security disability is that not everyone who applies is automatically approved. You must meet certain criteria and provide the required documentation to qualify, and you might need to wait a certain period of time before you begin receiving benefits.

In general, you need to provide medical proof of your disability and explain why it is keeping you from working. The Social Security Administration needs to know you cannot perform your normal duties and that because of your disability, there are not other positions at your company that you could do for a paycheck.

There Are Multiple Ways to Apply

Applying for social security disability benefits is easier than ever before, with multiple ways to apply. It is probably easiest to apply online, though you may still need to fax in your required documentation. You can also apply by phone or by visiting your local social security office and filling out the application there. It may take over a month to hear back after applying, as it takes longer to verify your eligibility with disability as opposed to regular social security benefits.

Your Earnings Determine the Amount of Benefits

When it comes to how much you earn if you are approved, it is usually decided based on how much you were earning before. When reviewing your application, they will not only look at your most previous job and how much you were earning, but how much your average earnings are over a lifetime that were covered by social security benefits.

You May be Denied

Some applicants are denied, even if they fit the criteria. If you were denied for disability benefits and believe you were denied unjustly, you can hire a social security attorney. They will have a look at your application and ask for the details surrounding the case. The attorney can help you file an appeal with the Social Security Administration and give you the best chance at receiving the benefits you deserve. It is highly recommended that you consult an attorney if you were denied benefits. Contact a firm such as Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law for more information.