What To Do If You Are Being Stalked

Being stalked can be very scary whether or not your stalker is exhibiting violence tendencies. Unfortunately, many people do now know how to act when they are being stalked. Here are some measures you can take to protect yourself:

Record Everything

It isn't likely that the authorities will just take your word for it when you report a stalking incident; so it is advisable to record everything. For example, you should:

  • Keep a diary of significant events (think telephone calls and such like things)
  • Save letters, cards or emails received
  • Take photographs or videos of the stalker if possible
  • If a vehicle always parked outside your house, record its registration number
  • If assaulted, take photographs of injuries, seek medical attention, and keep the records

Don't Interact With the Stalker

Trying to reason with a stalker is not something you should try. This is exactly what most stalkers want, and you will just give him or her reason to intensify their stalking. In fact, you shouldn't interact with a stalker whatsoever. This includes:

  • Not answering his or her calls or messages – use an answering machine to screen your contacts
  • Not trying to be nice – some people think that stalkers can reciprocate by "being nice" and leaving them alone, but it rarely works out that way.

Consider Getting a Restraining Order

If you know your stalker, then it might be a good idea to get a restraining order against him or her. According to the AWARE (Arming Women Against Rape & Endangerment) organization, a restraining order may work against a stalker who is mildly obsessed with you. This is because it will remind him or her that he or she faces potential arrest and prosecution if he or she doesn't stop stalking you. Unfortunately, such an order may spur an obsessed stalker into further aggression and violence.

Therefore, it may be in your best interest to get advice from relevant sources before making a move. For example, you can talk to the police, a criminal lawyer, such as someone from Kalasnik Law Office, or local organizations against stalking or abuse. If you do get an order, keep it with you at all times so that you can always show it to the police.

Dealing with a stalker might call for a change in your habits (such as taking a different route to work). It might seem unfair, but it is necessary for your own protection. Ultimately, it is in your best interest to corporate with the law enforcement and your attorney