3 Tips For Leaving A Violent Relationship

If you're involved in a relationship and suffering abuse, it's important for your well-being to get out of it. This sounds easier than it actually may be, and you should prepare for leaving. Getting away from the person who is abusing you should be your first priority. Additionally, if you have children, it is critical to get out quickly. Knowing specific tips to help you leave a violent relationship can help you if you are in this difficult situation.

Planning Ahead

It's important to start putting back as much cash as you can to help you prepare for your move. Be sure to store this in a safe place where the abuser can't find it or consider putting it in a savings account at your local bank, but be sure to eliminate any bank statements.

Listed below are other tips you should do in advance:

  1. Create a list of people you need to contact about you leaving the relationship.
  2. Know phone numbers of family or friends that you can rely on if needed.
  3. Have a code that you can use when speaking to family or friends in case the other person is around.
  4. Keep change on hand in case you need to stop and use a pay phone to contact other people. 

By being as prepared as possible for your departure, this will allow you to be more successful.

Important Documents

Be sure to have any legal papers or important documents laid out to take with you with you leave. You can put these in a folder and keep them in a safe place.

Listed below are items you should take with you:

  1. Social security card
  2. Driver's license
  3. Credit cards and checkbook
  4. Copies of past tax returns
  5. W-2s or other papers to verify your income
  6. Birth certificate
  7. Photos of your past abuse

By creating a list and preparing these items in advance, this will allow you to avoid forgetting any important documents.

Living Alone

Once you've left an abusive relationship, it's important to do certain things to avoid contact from the other person. Be sure you change your phone number, change the locks on your door, and have people you can call in case of an emergency.

Finally, don't remain in an abusive relationship because this could be deadly. Consider contacting an personal injury lawyer to help you ensure your abuser can never contact you can again by filing the necessary paperwork with the court.